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Hearing the word ‘Coupe’ brings to mind a sleek, petite – but powerful – 2-door automobile. Meaning “chopped off” in French, Coupes are traditionally sports cars with no rear doors. Over the years, a few manufacturers had attempted a different concept known as the 4-door coupe when Mercedes-Benz introduced the CLS model in 2005. At that time, if one would suggest this concept could outperform 2-door coupes, car enthusiasts would have surely disagreed. Today, people are much more welcoming to a vehicle that has a combination of sport and performance without sacrificing comfort and practicality. Mercedes-Benz offers something unique with the introduction of the all-new Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door model. These vehicles showcase undeniable power, luxury and a wealth of unique options for even the most discerning of car aficionados.

Mercedes-Benz has a reputation for pushing boundaries. They are iconic and traditional yet continue to look for new ways to add to their ever-expanding resume. There are three new additions to the AMG family, the AMG GT 53, GT 63 and GT 63S. On the top end, the GT 63s reaches 100km/hour in 3.2 seconds and boasts a massive 630 horsepower. This very impressive spec makes it the most powerful AMG GT model to date.

Labeled a “beast” by five-time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton, The GT 63s has a handcrafted V8 engine outputting 664 lb-ft of torque, and a 315km/h top track speed.
While consistently keeping the driver in mind, Mercedes-AMG has pulled impressive features from the past such as the panoramic sunroof and navigation, making this a standard feature of their new fleet. Other standards will allow the driver to move into the future with additions like Smartphone integration and wireless charging.

Enter this “supercar for four”, you are welcomed with a sophisticated interior featuring dual screens built into the flowing dash. They are fully customizable and offer everything from live AMG performance information on the racetrack plus live traffic information to get you to a destination in the timeliest manner.

Resembling the 2-door GT coupes and roadsters, the “V” shaped center console, now displays a newer modern design hosting all of your drive options at the push of a finger. With 64 different color options, inviting ambient lighting will match every mood. The Air Balance cabin fragrance system adds to the experience as it subtly releases elegant scent options periodically.

The GT 4-door models are truly unique in their look. Now that you can bring along two additional passengers the enhancements continue to be more prevalent now more than ever. The rear seating package also includes a center touch screen console with heated and cooled cup holders perfect for entertaining passengers. The power seats innovative design brings ultimate comfort and completes the overall luxury experience.

In a fast-paced market where most vehicles focus either on speed or luxury and comfort, the Mercedes-AMG GT Four-door covers all four categories with brilliance.